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Mr. Cirilo and the Ciripolen

Cirilo Marcos Dominguez (Don Cirilo), son of Anastasio and Maria, born in Las Mestas, in the region of Hurdes, north of Extremadura. Had sixteen siblings. His father was known as "Tío Picho", beekeeper, famous businessman and popular poet in the area.

Don Cirilo With twenty-four, married Cyril Piedad (are parents of six children). Later migrated to Holland, only to work in a slaughterhouse. He returned and became a taxi driver, and later worked as a beekeeper, a butcher and, finally, set up its own bar and restaurant in Las Mestas.

In 1991, in the absence of a medical or pharmacy in the village, Cyril cocoa mixed with milk and honey, pollen, royal jelly and some herbs gathered in the forest to offset a rise in cholesterol and uric acid. He got a highly energy drink slowly and because of the known benefits of natural ingredients, was stifling their discomfort. He had invented the Ciripolen. He decided to serve in his bar. The Ciripolen "home" was well received exceptional when released, besides the energy benefit, aphrodisiac effects of drinking, people made pilgrimages from all over the bar of Cyril, so he decided to become an entrepreneur and market the large Ciripolen scale.

The Ciripolen distributed throughout Spain as non-alcoholic energy drink in tetra bricks of 200 ml. Cyril and Ciripolen (the name plays on its inventor and one of its ingredients) became famous quickly. Cyril came as guest programs all the national chains and was interviewed by presenters such as José Luis Coll, María Teresa Campos. The Ciripolen became famous throughout Spain and partly from abroad, where he was also beginning to arrive.

The boom was such that the major nightclubs in the country turned to Cyril to participate in the launch party or event whose main protagonist was the Ciripolen. Even the singer Pepe Extremadura came to compose a song. During the season 93/94, the Ciripolen was the official shirt sponsor of Rayo Vallecano, then a first division team.

In 1998, during an official visit to Hurdes he had no plans to stop in Las Mestas, King Juan Carlos was arrested in bar Ciripolen Cyril and tested.

Although industrially Ciripolen was discontinued in 2003, Cyril continued to produce handmade and can now be tested on the bar of Mestas. In 2009, has again produced Ciripolen large scale, this time as Ciripolen cream with alcohol, with the same natural ingredients and benefits than its predecessor.