Natural nutrition

Honey properties

Holm oak honey, from a typical variety of spanish tree, fights the anemia, the chronic diarrhea and the hemorrhoids.

Heather honey is good against the anemia and the rheumatism. Also fights heart, urine tracts and kidney illnesses.

Wildflower honey raises your energy and your body strenght. It is very digestive and is often used like sugar replacement.

Rosemary honey stimulates the working of the liver and prevents the stomach and duodenum ulcer.

Eucalyptus honey is recommended to treatments against kidney colics and breathing disorders.

Orange blossom honey is good for relax and is often used against sleeplessness and nerve-racking.

Thyme honey stimulates the working of the nervous system and the circulatory system, makes easy your digestion and your urine erasing. It is also used as antiseptic.

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